Understand Your Health

A consultation with Dr. K includes a body composition analysis, so we can formulate a unique wellness plan for you.

Lose Weight

We will help you lose excess weight through metabolic fat burning, while also improving your overall health & well-being.

Transform Your Life

Dr. K has been helping patients reach their wellness goals and transform their lives since 1995.

Meet Dr. Kassalias

Dr. Kassalias

Dr. Alex Kassalias, commonly known as "Dr. K," is a wellness practitioner in Greenville whose focus is on holistic wellness, nutritional research, and body composition improvement with natural methods.

Dr. Kassalias is an author and speaker of Weight Loss and Functional Nutrition, who has helped thousands of patients since 1995 reach their health and wellness goals. This expertise has lead to the development of his proprietary program, Proactive Wellness™, mapping patient actions to wellness goals.

Take Control of Your Health
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Proactive Wellness

Hormones control your metabolism, and impact your health.

Proactive Wellness programs offer patients in-office specialty testing, wellness programs to help balance the gut-hormone connection that map actions to goals. Using this blueprint, patients can understand where there body is today and create an actionable plan that creates the level of wellness they choose.

Simply said: We don’t guess—we test.

Our Approach to Improving Health

Kayce, a health coach, meeting with a client.

Proactive Wellness Programs are custom designed for each individual client and start with a Body Composition Analysis (BCA).

Plan of action may include the use of Nutraceuticals (instead of Pharmaceuticals), various functional wellness methods, lifestyle and dietary modifications to get you the solutions you want and need.

Sheri, a health coach, meeting with a client.

A Body Composition Analysis involves a series of tests to measure the ratio of different tissues that comprises our bodies. These tests can provide crucial information, potentially revealing the following: the ratio of fat to lean muscle tissue, the percentage of water in the body, the metabolic rate (BMR), and BMI.

When muscle tissue increases through proper exercise and nutrition, all of these numbers will begin to change for the better. This proves to our clients that their focus on making changes is really worth the effort.

Patient Testimonials

I would highly recommend Dr. K for anyone wanting to improve their health and their life!!!! His knowledge, care, and concern for his patients by far out do most!! He and his staff are very supportive and will do their best to get you well on your way to a newer, happier, healthier, and better you!!!!

Jan J.

Great group! Dr. K's health and wellness diet and supplements are wonderful and effective. Friendly, attentive staff. Well worth a visit if you're interested in better all around health!

Katie M.

Dr. K & his staff are very passionate about the wellness of their patients. I am a long time patient & am amazed at his transitioning through the years, always upping his game to give his patients the very best care in all areas

Vivian B.

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